Today's Punch To The Throat goes to...

... The benighted fucktards of Citibank's Australia Pacific call center, who seem congenitally unable to follow the instruction "call my accountant for any verification info you need".

I just received the third call on what should be a simple verification process, if only the mouthbreathing cockwits they employ could get it through their heads that I don't deal with any of my own tax information, but let my accountants take care of it.

Now, I understand that to offer a low-cost service to the customer, Citibank have to cut costs at the other end. But why does that mean they need to employ the mentally-challenged? And why does their phone connection have to be so crackly and prone to drop-outs? (I'll tell you why; they're skimping on that too)


posted @ Friday, November 17, 2006 10:29 AM

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