A Weekend in Melbourne

So Esther and I headed off to Melbourne for the Saint Jerome's Laneway festival over the weekend. We were there, ostensibly, to run the ticketing for the event for Moshtix, but we also took Friday. Monday and Tuesday as holiday time.

The festival itself went pretty well, with only one bit of trouble we noticed (someone ejected, it has to be said, quite forcefully for a rematively minor transgression). The rest of the time, well. Melbourne has a lot of bars.

Friday saw a return visit to the Sherlock Holmes pub on Collins St with Trent, Tim, Rohan and Belinda, Saturday night was sushi, some beers at the festival then off to bed thoroughly festival-tired. Sunday, with Trent again, via the Exford, the Supper Club Chinese and ending up very drunk at 4am at the Gin Palace. Monday we hooked up with Evan on Chapel Street at the Imperial, then another pub in South Yarra which I'll remember the name of soon (!)

Then Tuesday, last day, a few drinks in Brunswick and Fitzroy, including the North Fitzroy Arms, the Retreat, The Brunswick Club and the Cornish. A hectic and expensive few days, and my liver is once again mad at me. Ouch.

posted @ Wednesday, February 28, 2007 2:39 PM

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