Climbing Vids

Crag X Forum has some climbing vids up. One of the routes documented, Goofy Foot at Mount Kuring-Gai, was subject to a James Taylor ascent this weekend as Viv and I were dangling off a 23 (Devil Inside?) to the left. Looks really good. I've been doing a little video myself, and once I've got enough footage I'll be posting some to Aus Climbing.

In other climbing news I left a pair of Boreals at Mount K this weekend. They weren't holding edges very well so I swapped them for something stiffer, next thing you know I've left them behind. Bugger.

[Update 5.56pm]: Have convinced Viv to go look for my shoes. Fingers crossed.

[Update Weds 1/11/06 10:58am]: Yes! found. Viv trekked out to Motocross wall at Mount K and found the shoes. Well worth a few beers to the finder.

I tell you, they're out to get us

The ever trusty SMH (yes, I know, I read little else it seems) is reporting that sharks are coming closer and closer to the shoreline as a consequence of rising water temperatures.

Guys, I've already sounded the clarion call. You don't have to pretend any more. It's not 'due to rising temperatures'. You're in denial. They're coming closer in because they're amassing their forces for the forthcoming invasion. They're not content with having the deep ocean to themselves - they're out to reclaim the inshore zones too. Stay out of the water, mark my words. Remember what happened to Steve Irwin!

Finding all SQL Database tables with no primary key

A colleague just forwarded me this little script for tracking down SQL Server database tables which don't have a primary key assigned. It's cute and useful, so I thought I'd blog it, as much for my own archiving purposes as for anything else

Use <databasename> -- where <databasename> is the name of your database


select from sysobjects o

join sysindexes i on

where o.type ='u' -- user table

and i.indid=0 -- no index

order by



McDonald's can't McSpell. McRetards

I just passed by the Aria Awards on Channel 10 and happened to see one of the new McDonald's ads. You know the ones, where a couple of fresh-faced, demographically targeted kids go off on a mission to prove to their mates that McDonald's food is not artery-clogging crap.

Well, in this edition, they head off to Sydney to consult a “deititian”. Yes, that's right. The caption read “dietitian”.

Not Dietician, then?

Now, it must be noted that the seppoes sometimes spell this with the second 't', but we're in Australia here. It's Dietician. Not the yank version, thank you very much Ronald. Do what you will to pollute the collective arteries of the Western Suburbs but stop fucking with the language.

p.s. Daniel Johns just spray-painted 'PG for PM' on the Aria set. What a rebel*.

And yes, I've had a couple of beers, so the machine-gunning of butterflies is justified.

* by rebel I of course mean “total wanker”.

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