Infinite Potential

It's often said that in an infinite universe, everything is possible - indeed probable. This "infinite potential" is often viewed in an overwhelmingly positive light. Indeed, the word "potential" is almost exclusively used in a positive sense, especially by industries such as marketing, education, finance and #SMEG.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a misapplication of everything we know about the universe.

You see, in a universe of infinite potential, it is probably more likely that you'll encounter eye-gouging horror than anything else. If there can exist unicorns which fart cherry-flavoured rainbows, there must also be not only sharks, but kelvar-armoured flying sharks armed with fintip scorpion cannons.

Each of which fires exploding cluster scorpions.

In this universal Yin and Yang, there must always exist the opposite of awesome. For every #win, a #fail. For every LOL, an FML.

This being the case, I invite you to consider the internet, and its potential for awesome.

Have you pictured it? How incredibly brilliant it is? How unspeakably wonderful a place the internet actually is?

OK, now click here.

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