Meryl Dorey, over at the Australian Vaccination Network, spent a bit of time in Western Australia recently, where she went to the Conscious Living Expo. At this expo, a skeptic attached to Stop The AVN managed to get hold of an AVN leaflet which was essentially begging for money, besides being utter bilge and disinformation with a tagline of one Judy Wilyman, a social sciences PhD student with AVN sympathies who is known to tout a PhD she doesn't even have yet to add a veneer of respectability to her nonsense.

Meryl and the AVN are, of course, disallowed from making public fundraising appeals by the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

But she was giving out leaflets asking for donations.

Oh dear.

Anyway, the authorities now know about this, and Meryl has been desperately rushing for an excuse. Today, she "found" it.

 Yes, Meryl is claiming that she'd blanked the information out with a texta, and teh ebil skeptics must have snuck one out from a secret hiding place, got spectacularly lucky or else cheated and used an old leaflet.


 Really Meryl? You blanked it out with a texta, but somehow the skeptics managed to get hold of an unredacted copy? The only unredacted copy you gave out, presumably? How lucky.

The rest of the rant is quite lulzy too. Enforcing laws about fraudulent conduct in non-profit organisations is apparently undemocratic, and SAVN is apparently a hate group. Which is LOL. We're also abusive and heartless. Which is rich, coming from a woman who apparently condones the disturbing stalking behaviour of at least one AVN member, who sent her husband to a griving family's house to try and pry for information on a whooping cough death, and has compared vaccination to rape.

Yep. We're the heartless ones.

Still, it's been an opportunity for some lulziness.






and, of course...



There's been much more abject ROFLing over at StopTheAVN, so head over for more.

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