Homeopathic levels of ethics, self-awareness and clue

So anyway, while I've been riding my bike around the place and losing fifteen kilograms or so of unwanted adipose tissue, the world of skepticism and atheism has been chugging on regardless. We have much action over at Stop The AVN, as Dorey and her dim-witted troop of flying monkeys continue to make shit up with gay abandon despite being thoroughly and eloquently rebuttfucked. We have #atheistcon approaching like a freight train toward Wile E. Coyote, and we have, as of the last week or so, a rapidly developing case of the Streisands, occasioned by the delivering by Francine Scrayen upon Dan Buzzard of a case of the LOLs.

Clearly Ms Scrayen is as smart as she is ethical, and as ethical as she is skilled in the healing arts*.

As a little background, Francine Scrayen is a Western Australian homeopath (quack) who was deeply involved in the stomach-churning death of Penelope Dingle. It's a long story, but in a nutshell, Ms Dingle, with the encouragement of Scrayen and Ms Dingle's husband, Peter, declined genuine treatment for her developing rectal cancer in favour of a regime based around homeopathic (quack) treatments.

Ms Dingle died.

Many people have expressed the opinion that Ms Dingle's death was, in large part, attributable to Scrayen. Dan Buzzard is among these people, as am I.

Scrayen doesn't like it. Scrayen sent the lawyers in.

Oh Francine!

Don't you realise that if you threaten one blogger with your tiny lawyerly popgun, the internet will reply with the cannons of Streisand?

Here's the deal: You are, in my opinion and in the opinions of many others, an unethical, deluded, mercenary charlatan. You have blood on your hands. You sell people plain water and call it a cure, and you cash in the proceeds. Sending in the lawyers will avail you naught. This is my opinion, and the opinion of many others.

Suck it up.


 * that is: not at all.

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