OK, so I caved in and moved to a new blog engine

You may have noticed this blog has been somewhat quiet of late. That’s because the blog engine kinda died.

Subtext, as good as it seemed back in the last decade, became rapidly obsolete and outdated. The editor ceased to work properly in modern browsers and received no meaningful update. The interface remained clunky and Web 1.0. No bells and whistles were forthcoming. And with a broken exporter in the latest version, I was unable to recover the posts from the previous blog. So I’ve installed WordPress side-by-side with the old subtext blog. The old posts, for what they’re worth, will stay on their old URLs, and new ones will start to appear here, under /wp/.

I have a couple of other blogs nowadays. d.evops.co is my work-related, techy blog for DevOps, Cloud and all that fashionable continuous delivery mallarkey I do all day at Domain. The Crankset is my cycling blog for middle-aged road and MTB-riding cynics. But with the death of Subtext, I had nowhere to write ill-informed political and skeptical rants, gaming screeds, stupid memes and general horror.

So here we are.

Stay tuned, soon there will be cake.


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