Archives for: August 2020

Oh hi!

Blogs still exist. How fascinating. This one still works and everything.

OK, so may last updates were about how I was moving to Bright. Well, I’m not there any more. For various reasons I had to go back to Sydney, and for various reasons Sydney didn’t work out. So, in my search for a new job, I found a good gig in Melbourne, and moved to Glen Waverley, in Melbourne’s East.

And then COVID came. And I’ve been on lockdown more or less since I got here, having gone into quarantine on arriving back from a flying visit to London in March. I didn’t even get a chance to go into the CBD and visit my favourite cocktail places before lockdown kicked in. Honestly, I could be living almost anywhere.

Anyway, no idea if I’ll blog again but given that the blog still works, and is even over SSL now, maybe I will. Or maybe I won’t.

See ya!