July 2007 Blog Posts

Monday Musical Madness Extra Edition

Screw it, sometimes things are too good to resist and leave till later. It's been sporadic the last few weeks, so here's a bonus MMM. Half Man Half Biscuit (one of my favourite bands and one I had the pleasure of last seeing live in 1999), on a subject close to my heart, Restless Legs

I thought I'd seen it all

boy, was I wrong. So, so wrong. In other news, doesn't time fly? Lack of time to post here can only be ascribed to one thing: LOTRO. I'm running five characters at the moment, all on the Silverlode server. [names redacted] These five may be joined by others, depending on how much free time presents itself - I'm trying to find an optimum balance of a) craft skills and b) playability. If anyone's intersted in fellowshipping, drop me a /msg or a postal item in-game. My technet blog is over at http://blogs.technet.com/jasbro/ and Monday Musical Madness today is: Tom Waits Nominations for next week's MMM are being accepted right now -...

Thank you The Register

For the only level-headed account thus far seen of the recent London and Glasgow 'terror' attacks. And to the rest of the media: Wake the fuck up!

Blog upgraded

I just upgraded the blog to Subtext 1.9.5, so hopefully the annoying timeout errors should go away. Fingers crossed eh?

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