September 2009 Blog Posts

And now, on a lighter note, Monday Musical Madness Returns...

... on a Saturday.

Mercury: the second most-toxic substance known to man

... or not As my readers* may be aware, my recent skeptical focus has been all over the anti-vaccination lobby, a bunch of rabid, idiotic fringe-dwellers who think vaccines are the sole cause of everything bad in the world. One of the oft-repeated canards of the antivaxers is that vaccines contain thimerosal, which contains mercury, and that mercury is the second most toxic substance known to man. But is it? Liam Skoda, over at the Stop The AVN Facebook group, took up the challenge of this question and in short order demolished this piece of antivax nonsense. Liam simply looked up some known lethal dose...

Sydney Atheists has a Facebook Page

Yep, Sydney Atheists, as part of some upgrading of online communication, has a Facebook Page. If you're on Facebook, why not become a fan and get updated of forthcoming events, news and other stuff that may be important to a member of Sydney Atheists?

Using chaos to support theism: wrong again

Jesse The Radical is anything but. Mostly, he's recycling old pseudo-scientific refutations of atheism as if he really understands what they mean. Problem is, if he realy understood what they mean, he wouldn't be using them. Take this little doozy, for instance: Chaos does not produce order. The universe has order, therefore, it could not have been produced by chaos. #atheist #fb Well, OK, Jesse. Let's just see if you're right about that, shall we? First, let's define "Chaos". From teh wikipedias: Chaos (derived from the Ancient Greek Χάος, Chaos) typically refers to a state lacking order or predictability. OK, fair enough. That's fine....

Back from the dead again

Hello! I'm back. Well, I didn't ever really go away. My web server did. The motherboard shuffled off the mortal coil for a while, but that only made me more determined. I purchased the old server's evil twin, gutted the original to double the processing power, and reinstalled it at the data center today. It has a few words to say: Cower now, brief mortals, for I am the web server of doom. Feel my quad-processor power! Gasp at my eight Gigabytes of RAM! Quake before the might of my mirrored RAID drive array! Tremble at the sight of my redundant power supplies! Kneel now,...

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