February 2009 Blog Posts

If you take the train to Woy Woy, this is what will happen

Look, I hate posting chat logs, but on this occasion, it's the best way. Chat logs from Lord Of The Rings Online: [To Kinship] how was the new train, btw? [Kinship] Farmerbob: ok [Kinship] Farmerbob: other then being arrested [To Kinship] ? [Kinship] Farmerbob: fail [Kinship] Farmerbob: haha [To Kinship] bit of lag happening here [Kinship] Farmerbob: some lady on the train didnt like my talking on my phone [To Kinship] so you got arrested? [To Kinship] what, did you kill her or something? [Kinship] Farmerbob: she was a police officer [To Kinship] @#$%& [Kinship] Farmerbob: haha [Kinship] Farmerbob: i was talking to my phone and the lady was @#$%&*! [Kinship] Farmerbob: so i told...

Almost Monday Musical Madness

Look, it's 9:35pm on a Sunday night, and I know I could have waited another couple of hours and actually got this in as a genuine MMM item, but, well, fuck. It's too good. You see, it is possible to buy a cold-war era gas mask, and through the aplication of some simple technology, turn said gas mask into a giant, freakish, terrifying KAZOO. So without further ado, I give you the Chemical Wartet playing Leonard Cohen's haunting "Hallelujah"

Universal Response to Pope Benedict XVI

So the pope has come up with another one of his special statements comdemning abortion/family planning/condoms/sexual immorality, this time admonishing Nancy Pelosi for her stance on abortion. The thing is, whenever the pope issues one of these dopey statements I feel compelled to remind everyone: Do not take advice on sex and reproduction from an 82-year old dress-wearing male virgin This would not be sensible. Here's a musical interlude Yes, everyone, Pope Rick Benedict XVI is still a virgin*.   * I have it on good authority that altar boys do not count

Professors should know better

Professor Clive Hamilton is the latest voice in The Australian's ongoing blog series about CleanFeed. Read this, then read this. I think you'll see my first objection to the professor's article. His hatchet-job employment of the slippery slope argument is a collossal fallacy that fails to address the anti-cleanfeed lobby's actual objections to the proposed filter. He then goes on to employ strawmen as low-rent caricatures of the opposition, and repeats several already-addressed objections on GetUp's use of test data, then throws out some more strawmen. There is a simple, currently available, low-impact solution to Clive's extreme, fallacious example: Kids should not have unfettered access...

Syndey Mourning Harold Fials et Spilling

Yes, Sydney's newspaper of record struggles to spell "grammar". Delicious irony.   link

Critical Mass Podcast #4 has arrived

Yes, you heard right, Critical Mass #4 is available here. Featuring Ian Woolf, hosting, Dave The Happy Singer, Alan Conradi and some drunken madguy-bloke-type-thing. Music has become a touch more prominent in this edition, with contributions from Dave The Happy Singer, Baby Hammer Death, and Boxxy. There's also a lot of namedroppery, and many lulz. Note: the Oxford Comma in the music sentence is there for a reason, just in case you think less of me. So, anyway, the song halfway through is based on Adam Green's "Jessica" and was a first-take production of FlightPath Studios. Yes, it was my doing, one night...

Thursday Musical Madness: This Was A Triumph

In honour of having put out the recycling for the first time this year, here's some epic win, which, while old, is still some of the finest songwriting attached to one of the finest games of, oh, the last ever. GLadOS: Still Alive And the accoustic version, from the creator: Jonathan Coulton, Internet Superstar. Hopefully this is sufficient triumph to keep my avid readers satiated, since my intention to blog from the pub was stymied by Telstra's mobile broadband being NOT WIN* on Windows7 Beta * for "not win" read FAIL.

I'll just leave this here then...

In case David Gawthorne comes back, he'll know I'm onto his game The Crank HOWTO I draw particular attention to "the exhaustion strategy" because it's already been fairly effective on me. I just have no extra time to keep this shit going.  

Catch A Fire Ministries: Pinnacle of tasteless irony and horror

The blogosphere's been all over this today, but I've been kind of offline. And had to spend some time responding to cosmological bollocks. In response to the weekend's horrendous bushfires throughout Victoria, we have possibly the biggest piece of  religious fuckwittery since Falwell blamed 9/11 on teh gayz. Brace yourself. Here's the epic religious fucktardery in its original form.  So, according to some dude with a fucking ridiculous moustache, Victoria is on fire, and many people are dead, and all because of a change to Victoria's abortion laws. God, in his mercy, has withdrawn his protection, and immediately the entire state has burst...

Comment Policy

So, I need to post a comment policy. Up until now, I haven't needed to, however I've had one particular commenter who's been relentles in taking up a lot of my time in ongoing responses. I don't have time for this shit. OK, here's draft 1.0 of the Drunken Madman comment policy: Be concise. Blogs are not platforms for exchanging essays. They're about immediate, snappy commentary. If your point spans more than one comment because you can't fit it in one, you run the risk of having it canned If you have a position, stick...

More medical mendacity

Dr Ben Goldacre is one of the folks I follow on twitter. He's a tireless campaigner against medical misinformation and bad science. Recently, Ben took an LBC Radio presenter to task, in no uncertain terms, over lies about the MMR vaccine. Of course, because Ben needed to use a recording of the show in question to sufficiently illustrate the idiocy, LBC has set loose the legal attack dogs. The claim? Copyright. They're not disputing that Jenni Barnett is a lying troll with no understanding of science, regurgitating idiocies about vaccination to an audience likely to contain credulous idiots. No, LBC is...

And the Best Comment Gold Medal goes to....

The following piece of truly stellar logic from "rational" on Bernadette McMenamin's Australian IT pro-CleanFeed piece Apparently 674 of the URLs currently on the ACMA blacklist contain child pornography material. On July 25, 2008, Google software engineers Jesse Alpert and Nissan Hajaj announced that Google Search had discovered one trillion unique URLs. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Wide_Web) So, the government wants to spend tens of millions of dollars to protect us from 0.0000000674% of the internet. [emphasis mine] Bravo, dear sir. Fucking Bravo. You win today's Comment Gold. The rest of the comment, and many other solid gold items, can be viewed at the link above

Monday Musical Madness. Yes, it's Wednesday, but this is important

This is Mark Gormley Mark Gormley is your musical future Mark Gormley stands like THIS: O /ll\ / l He has POWERSTANCE and you don't. Mark Gormley has been to the top of the mountains, and has returned to us with his message. Mark Gormley HAS BEEN TO SPACE Mark Gormley once made Chuck Norris cry through the power of song Bow down before Mark Gormley p.s. Mark Gormley makes me forget what day it is. Apparently, it's Thursday. More proof of Mark Gormley's awesome powers. MOAR!

Cerberus Lives!

I have truly epic insomnia, so in a continuing series on ontological proofs, I present proof positive of the existence of Cerberus, monstrous three-headed hound of Hades 1. Cerberus is the most terrifying dog we can imagine 2. Hell-Hounds that exist are waaaaay more scary than ones that don't. 3. Therefore; Cerberus exists And he's going to eat your face off if you keep trying to claim ontological arguments hold any water at all. Remember this, dear readers. Also, new comment policy. If you can't fit it into one comment, either revise it or post a link to your own blog, where you can...

Holy fucking shit!

No, like actually, holy fucking shit. Oh, wait! It's monday! This qualifies as Monday (not musical) Madness OK, I'm having trouble discerning whether this is a Poe or not. The last segment of the video (NO SPOILERS!) really pushes it over into Poe territory. Digging through other clips on the user's channel, though, suggests it's real... Still, fucking LOLWUT???

Twitter: best thing and worst thing of the weekend so far.

I'm on twitter. Twitter is a wonderful place. I've met some amazing people and I've been having an absolute blast, so when I sat down at the computer last night with a bottle of red, intending to surf and tweet, it was with a light heart. I was happy. Websinthe and I follow each other, and we had a great exchange in which both us big manly men admitted to being big bloody wusses really. I had a little cry, because of things said over twitter. It might well have been the high-point of my twitterlife so far. So I guess it...

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