August 2007 Blog Posts

This is how the English Language conquered the world

Questions: What is the past tense of the verb to grind? ground. What is the past tense of the verb to find? found. What is the pas tense of the verb to bind? bound. And what is the past tense of the verb to mind? minded The English Language never ceases to astound. With this unpredictable weapon, anglo saxons have bamboozled and baffled other nations into complete WTFitude for centuries. This particular example has been itching the back of my brain for some time now, so to finally assuage the irritation, I hereby propose we change the verb to mind forthwith. The past tense of to mind is now...

Monday Musical Madness - Men's Edition

Specifically, Spooky Men's Edition The Spooky Men's Chorale, out of the valleys and crags of NSW's Blue Mountains, come with a distinctively masculine outlook on life, and beards. And hats. One of them once had a feeling. They perform regularly around Sydney and indeed worldwide, and you can find more spooky info at their website. Yes, this is another MMM addition which I've seen live. Repeatedly.

For Whom The Pell Tolls

Gotta love Nexus 6... Clicky clicky, go on!

Living with Lucille: Four months with a Land Rover Discovery

So it's coming up to four months since I bought Lucille, my series one LRD V8i. How's the ride been so far? Mechanically, aside from the initial clutch lunching and some minor leakage of power steering fluid, she's been good. Front tires are going to go (for which see 'drivability') fairly soon, I think. Maintenance of most things is not too bad, though headlight bulbs were a complete bastard to change and additionally the switching mechanism has on one occasion not worked, leaving me blacked out and confused for a good 20 minutes until I figured it out. There's also a...

Monday Musical Madness - Wow, It's Actually Monday Edition!

Devo's far-superior-to-the-original-in-my-humble-opinion-which-is-the-only-one-that-counts rendition of 'Satisfaction', from 'Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!' A selection which is almost guaranteed to polarise my (admittedly small) audience and spark debate from here to Humpty-Doo*. It's not often a cover can claim to outshine the original, though some standouts exist (ref: The Flaming Lips covering 'Seven Nation Army' live), and some notable failures from some of my favourite bands are at least of interest. I believe this is the first MMM cover version though, and may signal a new landscape opening before us. If only I could come up with a new...

They have every album Enya ever made

This is Kieren and Symantha. Isn't this a terrible picture? Look at it and imagine the sort of people it suggests. Kieren and Symantha have matching pyjamas. They watch wholesome family entertainment on Channel 10, and think Rove McManus is the bee's knees. They use pet names for each other in public. Symantha still has her childhood teddy bear collection, which graces the single bed in their pastel spare room. They want to have several children "when they're ready". They drive a Prius. Slowly. It has a fish on it. They like fondue, and have matching tiger feet slippers. They drink hot chocolate from matching...

Monday... err... I mean, um, Wednesday Musical Madness

I sometimes wonder quite why I stated this Monday Musical Madness Mallarkey. Clearly it wasn't for ease of scheduling, because Mondays never work the way you want them to. Perhaps it was just the alliterative title, enhanced as it is by appending 'Mallarkey'. Maybe Making Maximum Monday Musical Madness Mallarkey Moniker Makes Mention Moot? OK, so it's Wednesday. who cares? We Want More Beer.

Inevitable Catchup Redux

So I haven't posted anything for a while. The reason may possibly be LOTRO, which has all the addictive qualities of the MMO genre along with the compulsive need among Lord Of The Rings geeks to hunt out accuracies/inaccuracies with reference to the original text. Yes, I'm an anorak. Sue me. What's been happening? Well, I had a holiday. Yep, a holiday. We packed up Lucille and headed north for Splendour In The Grass and a chill in the warmer north coast climate. This year didn't turn into Splendour In The Mud but was in fact Splendour In The Dust. We...


To continue in a theme of "everyone in the world is fuckin' mental": That's my entire purchasing plan for jeans gone down the tube. now I need these

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