June 2011 Blog Posts

On Creative Commons, seriousness and Skeptoid

I had a short twitter conversation with Brian Dunning* a short while ago, sparked by the following tweet: The conversation went as follows - read upwards (sourced at bettween.com)  Now, I don't want this to turn into another, inevitable, "Brian Dunning is wrong" post. The web has enough of those already. I want to take this as a leaping point to explain what creative commons is, and why if you're a serious podcaster - or, in fact, a creative of any kind - you should consider CC for your own output. We do, however, have to address a couple of problems with Brian's side of...

On the impending collapse of the Aussie brewing industry

Yes, it's official. I'm doing Dry July What? Yes, I am. I'm spending a month (minus a possible golden ticket occasion) without alcohol intake, in order to do several things Give my liver some breathing room Have a bit of a personal challenge Get on my bike for stress relief instead of cracking a beer Spend some extra evenings hacking code for some upcoming projects Raise money for cancer centres in Australia These are all pretty good reasons. As most of my readers will know, and as casual visitors...

Shouting Down Our Freedom to Impale our Faces on Railings

Face-on-railing impalement is an incredibly emotional topic for supporters and critics alike.The Mercenary’s recent story by Wobbleboard McHamblestein (To impale or not?) presents viewpoints of both proponents and critics. The article cites Medyl Dopey of the Australian Impalination Network (AIN), a citizens’ group that advocates parental choice and provides information about the positive aspects of face impalement. The AIN has been operating for 17 years. In 2009, a pro-non-railing-impalement group was set up titled Stop the Australian Impalination Network (SAIN), with the express aim of shutting down the AIN. The methods used by SAIN disturbed me. SAIN essentially rejects free speech advocating the...

The new voice of hardship

There are two ways the following soundbite, from the Daily Telegraph, may have unfolded: Possibility one: The person in question, and the journalist reporting, really seem to think that poverty is defined by the inability to afford frozen chips instead of potatoes and oysters once a month, the line being delivered by a 27-year old uggbooted, chainsmoking, holden-labelled tracksuit wearing mother of six, having been accosted in Kempsey IGA by a first-year journalism student on a torturous internship for News Ltd. The line, for greatest effect while reading out loud, should be read in the broadest ocker you can summon, and prefixed with a solid, nasal "YEEEEEEEEAAAAAH MATE"....

Signs the world has gone utterly bugfuck insane, #1,462,357

I bought a can of popular energy drink "Mother" just a while ago. Emblazoned upon the can in question is the following legend:   50mls more, eh? Oh good, that has to be a good thing, right? I mean, it's more, and that's good. More is awesome. But, wait. What's this? A footnote? Let's have a look what the footnote says:   Yes, dear reader, Mother feels that it is appropriate to tell you, by means of a footnote, that 300ml is 50ml more than 250ml. We're fucked. Totally fucked.

Signs the world has gone utterly bugfuck insane, #1,462,356

On walking to the pub I just saw an adshel poster advertising.... well.... see for yourself.   Yes, professional chewing gum. Which implies the existence not only of professional chewers, but of a sufficient population of professional chewers to support a whole brand. Ladies and gentlemen, we're fucked.

Things You Can't Say In Victoria

Things You Can't Say In Victoria by StopThatAstronaut My little gift to the Victorian Government. If they were to fine me per "offensive word", this little ditty would net them $3900. But they can get fucked. Original idea by Dave The Happy Singer, for which I'm eternally grateful. Music, lyrics, production and all that nonsense by me. You are free, I say, free, to cover this song anywhere you like, as long as you let me know you've done it and, if possible, provide a link to a recording. G Ya can't say goddamn in Glenrowan C ...

Hello Melbourne!! Do you wanna rock??

Slight update to the post, the full-mixed audio has been done, and here's the rough cut of the tweaked version:   And the original version, below  

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