April 2007 Blog Posts

The continuing saga of me and my cars

I bought a car on Tuesday. In a continuation of my "cars I liked when I was younger" buying strategy, I bought a 1995 Series 1 Land Rover Discovery 3.9 V8i. I've become something of a 4WD fan over the last couple of years, having purchased a Range Rover from EBay on an impulse one day a couple of years back, and having driven Esther's Daihatsu Rocky for the last year and a bit. So a Disco (as we veteran 4WDers call them) seemed like a damn good choice. So I found this example at a Western Sydney dealership. It's dual-fuel,...

How about a little Monday afternoon musical insanity?

The incomparable Bela Fleck and the Flecktones; Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten, Jeff Coffin and Future Man. Probably the #1 live band I've ever had the privilege to see. If they pass by you, see them. Really.


Zunesturbation: The act of playing with your personal music player, often to excess Mutual Zunesturbation: doing it with a friend.

So what's new?

I've got a new job, that's what's new. It's official now, I've signed the bits of paper, I can officially blog it. I've accepted a full-time position within the Evil Empire of MicrosoftTM, as a SharePoint Support Engineer. Quite how I convinced anyone I know SharePoint I really don't know, but that's probably a post for another day. For now, it's a toast to my new blue-badge status and ability to whine about The 'Soft without feeling like it's futile. Oh, and now I can call contingent staff 'Dash Trash' with impunity. I'm booked in for my Microsoft Loyalty Chip 2007TM fitting...


And, not wanting to overtube the blog, here's another video from PZ - say it with a smile.

Say it's not true!

Please, really? The catholic church has been peddling a fake? I don't believe it! (does this need <sarcasm> tags?)

Breaking the hiatus

I haven't blogged all week, which is quite unusual. Why? Well, on Monday I was sick as a dawg, and the general run-downness has carried through right up until last night. In short I was feeling very uninspired. It's a shame, because there's been some potentially good bloggin' that's passed me by. OK< so what's happened with me? Well, on saturday night, depite the hurling, headaches and general malaise, I got to finally see the Pixies play live at Sydney's inaugural V Festival. Phenomenal show, immediately rocketing into my top five sets ever list. I've loved this band since the very...


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