December 2008 Blog Posts

Tim Minchin: One of our greatest humans


Monday Musical Madness: Modest Mouse, Man

Modest Mouse ::dashboard:: from grace lee on Vimeo. YoooToooob has all of MM's official videos embed-embargoed because they're with the fundamentally evil really nice Sony/BMG records. So I got the FAIL, autoplaying official player via Resolution is small, but music is goooood. I used Vimeo instead Some things of note: Isaac Brock is seemingly obsessed with the sea/the ocean/hemingway themes/salty sea-doggery I would personally sacrifice both your parents to have even an iota of Isaac's songwriting ability Banjo is win Every MM bassline is brilliant, even...

I'm really crap at blogging, but then so are most people

Blogging takes, y'know, dedication and shit. I don't have any of that right now and I'm probably too old to buy any. Y'know. Which might be one reason I've finally twitterfied, after all this time. As penance for this ridiculous decision, all twitter updates will contain the word "fuck" until I finally get bored with that and move on to something else. Things which are getting my goat today: IE8 Toby IE8 Lacking motivation Low levels of life in-office and around the city due to some mythical...

How to do it wrong on the internets

It's always a good day when someone PMs you with a threat of physical violence. jason please dont make this personal and your right about one thing i am not the worlds best speller and some times when i type fast i miss letters and dont check maybe i should use spell check but i didnt so shoot me . but to chastize me would be a mistake i would rather talk about the way religion is so evil and wrong not on how i should spell and hearing about flouride on a athiest group . i dont like fighting but i play...

Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network
Say NO to the National School Chaplaincy Program