August 2010 Blog Posts

My talk to Sydney Atheists: Online Activism 101

I've just published the talk I delivered to the Sydney Atheists on Online Activism to Slideshare. It doesn't work perfectly, since some of the slides were animated, but the overview looks something like this:  Online Activism 101 View more presentations from Jason Brown.   If all goes to plan, this will also be presented as a podcast from Sydney Atheists, so you can listen to me ramble as you read the slides. If you'd like a talk like this delivered at your skeptical, atheist, humanist or freethinkers group, please let me know. I'm also working up a more specific "Skeptical Social Media" talk and can...

Happily Promotes Bogus Treatments. Avoid

Every so often I walk from my house to the local shopping strip, and when I do I usually go past the local chiropractic centre. And they have posters in their windows which make grandiose claims for chiroquacktic chiropractic manipulation that are just not borne out by any valid science. They claim to cure asthma, childhood colic, bedwetting and allergies... just by mangling your neck around the place. There is just no evidence for these claims. None. They also claim that chiropractic is "250 times safer than anti-inflamatories". Whatever the fuck that's meant to mean, I can say this: staying in...

The Australian Vaccination Network

Australian Vaccination Network. Yes, that's a link to the only page that currently matters where this organisation is concerned. You may also want to investigate  

AVN & OLGR: Meryl still in denial

   What we're looking at here is someone who's in denial*. Here's what the actual OLGR notification consists of, via the ever-useful AVN Wikipedia Article On 4 August 2010, the OLGR announced that their audit of the AVN had "detected a number of breaches of charity fund-raising laws", including: Fundraising without authority; Unauthorised expenditure; Failure to keep proper records of income and expenditure; Possible breaches of the Charitable Trust Act, 1993, which would be referred to the Department of Justice and the Attorney General. The AVN was given 28 days to...

Is Meryl Dorey Anti-vaccination?

As regular readers will know, my focus right now is on the Australian Vaccination Network, an anti-vaccination group from Northern NSW whose president, Meryl Dorey, consistently claims that she is not anti-vaccination, but is merely pro-choice. Well, courtesy of a friend of mine on the Stop The AVN Facebook Group, here's something to chew over

The Steve and Meryl Show

I should have done this weeks ago...   Soundtrack: Yakkity Sax on Banjulele and Kazoo, played by yours truly. Video from ABC Lateline's report on the AVN.

Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network
Say NO to the National School Chaplaincy Program