September 2011 Blog Posts

#HMHB's 90 Bisodol (Crimond) - a review

So this weekend, Half Man Half Biscuit, one of my favourite bands (full stop) released their new album, 90 Bisodol (Crimond). So it is up to snuff? Does it do justice to all which has passed before? Can it, in fact, match up to the previous work of the lads that shook the Wirral? I think, having listened to it for a full day, that the answer can really only be a yes. We got a sneak preview of the album last year when the lads did a 6Music session featuring L'Enfer C'est Les Autres, Tommy Walsh's Eco House, RSVP and Left...

All you get is a maybe

I don't really think much of the "fine tuning" argument that gets advanced so often by christians. Especially those christians who are excessively enamoured with the bunkum put forward by William Lane Craig, a man whose primary talent is an ability to stand in front of big rooms full of people and talk about the Kalam Cosmological Argument without bursting into laughter. I also don't think much of christians defining their god in narrow terms as the prime mover, solely as the creator of the universe Still, fine tuning arguments, prime mover claims and their ilk are often advanced as support for christianity, when in fact...

My sickening lifestyle

I was sitting in a café doing a bit of programming work last night, when a small group of people on the table opposite me started laughing and making thumbs-up gestures. I popped off my headphones and raised my eyebrows - as you do - and was told "We love your sticker, mate". You see, I have a sticker on my laptop. I tweeted about it. So, after the guys from the table opposite had taken a picture of the offending article I got back to programming SydneyPubGuide v3.0 and thought no more about it. That sticker has been on my laptop for maybe...

The Golgafrinchan Solution

OK, guys... don't spread this about too much. We don't want them to catch wind of the plan. But I've figured out how we can rid ourselves of the useless third of our population that's been causing so much trouble. You know, chiropractors, tarot readers, crystal therapists, TV psychics, antivaxers, dowsers, naturopaths, homeopaths, pyramid power nuts, 9/11 troofers, climate change denialists, ancient astronaut proponents, creationists, IDiots and other assorted loons. But especially antivaxers. As we all know, there's been difficulty finding a humane solution to this problem for a long time. We're good people, and we're faced with an insoluble dilemma. These people are holding back...

I'm a fifth year [subject] student, and I...

Nimrod Weiner, antivax chiropractor from Newtown Community Chiropractic, who I've mentioned before, appears to be a veritable fountain of lulz. Today, someone dug up a piece from Weiner's fifth year at Macquarie School of Chiropractic in which the young weiner - sorry, Weiner - seemingly compares himself with Einstein, pleads for "paradigm shifts", berates his lecturers for not teaching the solidly debunked pseudoscience of subluxations and sets himself up as some kind of junior champion for the New Chiropractic Revolution* The original text is here. Here's the text, just in case someone deletes the original: And yet, as a 5th year chiropractic student at Macquarie University,...

Hell is, in fact, other people

The latest instalment in Keeping Two Chevrons Apart - my quixotic mission to play as many Half Man Half Biscuit covers as possible on my YouTube channel - has arrived. This one's a goody, I think. Here's why. The new album, 90 Bisodol (Crimond), is due out on the 26th September. Back in August 2010, 6 Music in the UK played a session from the lads with four songs off the new album and a new version of Joy Division Oven Gloves. This is one of those songs. One of the new ones Yes, one of the ones that isn't released yet. L'Enfer C'est Les Autres  So now, I am...



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