May 2007 Blog Posts

Monday Musical Madness Late Edition

Oh, I can never resist posting another one. This time it's a band that's featured once before - Bela Fleck And The Flecktones. The focus this time is firmly and squarely on the unbelievable Victor Wooten, Bass God and thumper of the big strings extraordinaire Watch what happens at 2:58 and marvel at the commitment and sheer musical audacity that results. And now, breaking with tradition - two artists in the same post. Captain Beefheart. Ice Cream For Crow Enough said.

Monday Musical Madness Early Edition

OK, it's Sunday. So what? This is musical Madness we're talking about And today brings us Captured! By Robots Confused? all is explained, here:

Arachnid Encounters 101

An excellent post on how to deal with a potentially venomous interloper. Capture (safely), examine, release. I myself am a bit of a spider fan. The beastie in this post is a Brown Recluse, aka Fiddleback, a North American spider which I'm told can be found in some australian locations, having made its way over from the states, presumably as a stowaway. Around this area, Sydney NSW, we have our fair share of venomous eight-legged monsters, all of which are fascinating and not likley to harm you if you're sensible. Most common (judging by the number of times I've spotted them) are white-tailed...

So what's going on in drunkenland?

There's been a lack of updates here other than superficial YouTube type posts. While this may be what the public is coming to expect, that's not necessarily why this blog is here. So here's the boring-as-batshit diary post. I've settled into the new role at work OK - my caseload is higher than it used to be, but that's to be expected given the role I moved to. Personal time has been sorely lacking - I haven't even been able to fire up the Halo 3 beta on XBox 360 yet. Last night was the first chance I've had to pick...

Phrase of the week

PM has a new post up on a Christian Evangelical hissy-fit, which contains one of my new favourite phrases: "Are they becoming more desperate in their arguments and actions because the ponies aren't coming to their party?" This is my new favourite phrase for when anyone throws their toys out of the pram. It happens, but I tend to stare pop-eyed when it does (even though I'm prone to it myself). Thanks PM for the new coinage!

Hitchens Strikes Again

Ralph Reed? Asshole. Sean Hannity likewise, with added blowhard value. But Christopher, well, he's got it sorted. VIctory #2 goes to Hitchens.

Monday Musical Madness: Bob Log III

 Yes, he's a one-man-band-in-a-crash-helmet-n-jumpsuit-playing-crazy-licks-n-kickin-some-drums-n-drinkin-scotch-n-gettin-the-girls-in-the-crowd-to-get-out-their-boobies And he's in Australia, right now, touring round and raising hell. He's Bob Log III, and he's today's Monday Musical Madness

Hitchens on Falwell

Christoper, Christopher. That was just great. I will buy your book, just for ripping into Falwell so solidly on CNN.

Jerry Falwell: Outta here!

The whitest man who ever lived, Jerry Falwell, is no more. You can almost feel the air is sweeter this morning for the loss of this collosal cockhead. The man who blamed "pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians" for the September 11th attacks, amongst other foaming-at-the-mouth crap, shuffled off the mortal coil, alone, in his Lynchburg, Virginia office. He was 73. Salon's take on Falwell's demise is here. Numerous other media outlets have been a little more glowing in their treatment, not wanting to speak ill of the dead and all. I, though, have this to...

Monday Musical Madness Super Extra Extended Edition!

It's not over yet Watermelon In Easter Hay. Barcelona, 1988

Monday Musical Madness Extended Edition

Here's your bonus track. Frank Zappa's "Inca Roads", replete with Claymation sequences.

The Monday Report, Incorporating Monday Musical Madness

We're going to Splendour In The Grass. Tickets have been acquired via a thoroughly frustrating virtual queue on the splendour/oztix website. Playing this year, among others: Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party and The Kaiser Chiefs. Hopefully it won't piss down and hopefully we'll get a nice hotel in Byron, rather than facing the drive back to Ballina every night. This weekend? Well, Saturday was bouldering day at The Balkans, where I got the redpoint of Berlin Blockade, V5, and a number of other nice little problems. Fat boys can climb V5. This was followed by Architecture in Helsinki live at the Metro,...


In honour of the fact I've used the word Chihuahua twice three times in rapid succession on this blog: From: here

The Confirmation Bias

I've been thinking a bit recently about the confirmation bias and the basis (basises? bases?) for irrational thinking. You see, a friend of ours is spruiking a 9/11 Conspiracy DVD and the Extremely Startling InfoTM within. I've been there, done that - after 9/11 I did quite a lot of reading, and a lot of the ground I covered was of the 'batshit mental conspiracy freak' variety. I won't gratuitously link to the sites, they're adequately linked elsewhere, but the common feature most of them share is a rather unhealthy dose of confirmation bias. What is the confirmation bias? Well, in...

Religious newsagency worker fleeces backpackers

I wish, just once, please, that the masses would stop equating church attendance with workable morality. This story highlights that just because you go to church, it doesn't mean you're not likely to try and rip off some skint backpackers for A$574,000 by the simple application of fraud. I quote: "He was a religious person; he went to church twice a week," the newsagent, Michael Pavellis, told a Sydney court yesterday. "I know it sounds strange after what has happened, but he was an active member of the church band. He was a well-liked person." He's also a fucking thief. The two are not...

The Crimea release album to the web, for free

Some old friends of mine, Davy MacManus and Owen Hopkin, have released their band's new album to the web for free. Davy and Owen used to be members of The Crocketts, who I was associated with during my pre-australia years. Check out the album, it's great. Must dash, time for the pub.

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