June 2007 Blog Posts

What I Got Up To Last Night

This is Lucille This is the main stairway at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern   Can you guess what's coming next?

A quick primer: There, Their, They're

I've noticed. A lot of you out there on the internet are morons. You have trouble with simple, commonly used linguistic constructs in the English language. Many of you have jobs which pay you large amounts of money, not a penny of which you deserve. Some of you are 'management'. Others delight in the dubious job title of 'copywriter'. All of you are fuckwits; This is the reason: You have trouble with the very simple words There, Their and They're. It's a piece of cake, to use a rather hackneyed colloquialism, to distinguish between these three simple words. There denotes location. "It's over there". "There it is". "There's a bear...

Monday Musical Madness Post-Hiatus edition

Yep, it's been a while, so here for your edification is an old classic. The Flaming Lips: "Talking 'bout the smiling deathporn immortality blues"

This blog is rated...

Can we please work on getting this even higher? I mean, fuck! Am I only worth an NC-17? Update for this week... well last week I was in a training course at Clifton's in the city, and was kept pretty busy by Trent's return to Sydney and Pierre's bucks night (at BBQ King and Men's Gallery). Tristan managed to convince me that Facebook was the way to go, after some stern resistance, and I've become rather attached to the social networking idea. You can find my profile with a quick search for 'Jason Brown', and I'm on the Australia and Microsoft...

Dear Santa

Can I please have one of these? Please? I could pretty much fit it into my Disco, but it looks like such a lot of fun...

Monday Musical Madness Tuesday Edition

OK, so I missed yesterday. Sue me. Anyway, Trent nominated Derek Trucks for today's musical Madness, so I went one step further Crossroads guitar solo from Doyle Bramhall II, Derek Trucks and Eric Clapton - Live in Seoul, Korea. Korean noodle soup.


"There has been over 100mm of rain at Newnes in the 48hours to mid-day Saturday, June 9. There are rockfalls on the road at several places and numerous patches of slippery wet clay. In spite of obvious difficulties, some vehicles have still tried to come to Newnes and have now become stuck. The river has risen. There is currently no access to the oil shale ruins and the Glow-worm tunnel from the Wolgan Valley. Is your journey really necessary? Probably not, so leave your visit to Newnes until the weather (and road) dry out." So read the Newnes information page. But that wasn't going to...

Wow, a whole week since my last post?

Must have been busy... Oh yeah, that's right. I was. Anyway, on to business. What's going on in the world? Well, The Cold War Kids played the Forum (Entertainment Quarter, formerly Fox Studios) on Friday night, in the last show of their current tour. I expected, well, not a hell of a lot - I've got the album, and while it's definitely damn good, the production gives it a slightly flat character, and isn't the most standout album of the past year by any means. Post-show, if they released a live album, I'd be first in the queue. Yes, commitment was the watchword of...

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