November 2007 Blog Posts

Why Debate Dogma?

I find much to agree with here, I must say. I could probably find numerous slices of disagreement with Pat's stance if I really tried, but truth be told I agree that religion doesn't deserve our validation. It's laughable, unsupportable, and has had a free pass for far too long. I would almost say: Amen, brother.


via Pharyngula ...they contend will prove that Gonzalez "lost his job" because he supports intelligent design, not because he was deficient as a scholar. Same thing, folks. Same fucking thing. The fact remains: If you support "intelligent design", you are automatically a deficient scholar. Nothing to see here, move along.

Wow, I'm so fucked off with my ISP

for some unknown reason, I can't get to the web at large. But I can get to this web server (hosted at my ISP's office) and my ISP's own website. This is really pissing me off. update. I'm fairly convinced there's a DHCP server there that isn't the DHCP server I'm supposed to be going through. AAAAARGH!

I'm quite taken with this: The Algorithm March

Hotfixy goodness has been applied

Thanks to ongoing database performance issues, this blog has not been particularly stable of late. Luckily, 941450 is available, which might help. I've applied this and hopefully things will get better. If you get timeouts, well, obviously you won't see this message, but the few regular readers I know of, let me know if you have issues.

To quote Esther

On the subject of some impromptu handyman work at yesterday's bacchanalia to celebrate our joint birthday party: "Frankly, it would have surprised me if you and Viv hadn't got out some powertools while you were drunk" Which might, just possibly, speak volumes.

A tragic, yet important story

Under the category "Bullshit kills": Homeopath's baby 'died of infections' The next time anyone opens their senseless trap and asks what harm a seemingly trivial 'alternative' belief can do, I'll show them this link, after first punching them in their fat, stupid fucking mouth. There is no evidence that homeopathy works or has ever worked, and belief in this wacky, culty, frankly fucking weird school of alternative medicine is no better than appealling to wood spirits to cure your fucking toothache, or chanting to make it rain. That anyone in this day and age could neglect genuine proven medical treatment to dose their baby...

Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network
Say NO to the National School Chaplaincy Program