December 2009 Blog Posts

Mmmmm.... pancakes

I appear to have solved the audio/video sync issues on my ongoing HMHB youtube project, so here's the very latest installment, recorded not half an hour ago. If I Had Possession Over Pancake Day, a short ditty from Blackwell and Crossley's 2002 Album "Cammell Laird Social Club". Enjoy. Or something. Update: Feb 17th 2010 Zymeck requested chords. Here be chords G C GOutside Goldsmith’s coughing up blood,G ...

Don't go into the light

In a continuing series, I butcher the music of Half Man Half Biscuit. This week, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Is The Light Of An Oncoming Train) I was a little drunk when I recorded this, hence the cheesy grin at the end. Audio/Video sync issues are YooToob's problem and I'm endeavouring to get them sorted out for further installments

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