September 2008 Blog Posts

Cultural Sensitivity redefined for the hard of thinking

A Muslim man is suing Tesco for religious discrimination because they asked him to handle alcohol. Now, I don't have every detail on this case, but it's a fair bet that one or more of the following predicates could apply: Our muslim friend is not smart enough to realise that working for a large retail store which sells alcohol may occasionally bring him into contact with, well, alcohol. Tesco are so cringingly culturally sensitive that they genuinely thought when hiring this man that they'd be able to work round this fundamental problem The hiring manager has...

Monday Musical Madness breaks with tradition by appearing on a Monday

"Hey, are you knackered man?" "No, I'm Jan Akkerman!" Focus. Hocus Pocus


English, motherfucker, do you speak it?

The next person who says or writes "without further adieu", without it being a pisstake, or by way of example, is going to get stabbed, in the neck, with a pen. I mean it, fuckers.

Sydney Atheist Social Lounge this Thursday

25th Sept, 2008. 6.00pm onwards at the Kippax Lounge, upstairs at the Aurora Hotel, Elizabeth Street. And thence the last thursday of each month, until Jesus returns and ushers in the tribulation.

Gov. Sarah Palin's Church

Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo. I don't think I need to comment much further than to show this video. Floor's open

Monday Musical Madness Slightly Early Ukelele Edition

So, I did some music shopping today. Among my purchases were a Yamaha Audiogram USB interface with Cubase, a cheapo ukulele and some guitar gear. Oh, and some minor percussion. My intent to fit out the spare room as a studio is beginning to come to fruition. The Alienware Area 51 is now pretty much static and will be the recording box, leaving only for occasional jams out in the field and perhaps a podcast recording or two. Rik commented on the studio idea, and suggested I look up some GUGUG, to which I replied thusly: I already have, in fact I...

A momentary geek-out

A chance to geek out and a chance to play around with excerpt view? Yes please. A post in which I show off my Lord Of The Rings Online Characters? Sure! A post not syndicated on the RSS feed? Definitely.

Camden fears Muslims; Welcomes Catholics

I don't believe I blogged on the original flap, because my sensibilities were not offended. Camden Council, south of Sydney, rejected a planning application for an islamic school after community outcry. Fair enough, thought I. I'm not prepared to judge the motivations of the community, but the outcome is one less modern madrassah, great. Turns out I wasn't entirely smart in that assesment. Camden is now fully behind a broadly similar application for a catholic school. OK, I'm almost certain to put at least one foot wrong here somewhere and get shouted down, however I think I ought to voice my thoughts, and they, at...

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