April 2009 Blog Posts

Aretha Franklin dismembering Sarah Brightman with a chainsaw

Yep, that's how I described the tone of my new guitar last night: She's an Epiphone G400 SG, bought on a surprise budget spike. It's been some time since I last added a guitar to my collection, and this one is a goody. Two big humbuckers sitting at neck and bridge give it far more power and versatility than my previous electric, the also-pictured Squier Telecaster, which was bought, again, on more-or-less a whim when helping Chris choose a guitar. I've had it since yesterday lunchtime, so haven't racked up a lot of playtime yet, but I have so far found it...

Top Tips for Sydney Drivers

I drive in one of the world's most stupidly laid-out cities. There's a big fucking harbour right down the middle, and hills, and rivers, and sloppily laid-out suburbs aplenty, coupled with a population that is both affluent and incredibly self-centred. Good driving conditions this does not create. In addition, we have governments and government agencies that, seemingly, have no fucking clue about traffic flow, bottlenecks or decent road maintenance, coupled with a vocal minority of residents who seem to believe that, while traffic flow is broken, we must UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, change anything about the roads in their area. This is awesome. And the...

Wow, a rare technical blog entry

My current mobile phone is the Motorola Q9H, a nice little telephone with a full qwerty keyboard, a slimline back-pocket design and a decent, kinda-reliable feel. It does most things I need, such as Audio-over-bluetooth, mass storage driver, charge from USB, mobile internet and ActiveSync, and has a decent battery life. One thing it couldn't do, though, is tethering. Telstra's standard WinMo build for the Q9h does not include Internet Connection Sharing, and Telstra also don't publish details of how to configure the phone, and I haven't been able to flash it with a new build and still have all the other features I want...

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