November 2013 Blog Posts

King Leer

He never takes that fucking look off his face. Speculation is that it's stuck that way.     Thanks Australia. This is what's in charge for the next few years. You twats.

The HAL Protocol

Presently I'm faced with something of a tech dilemma at the office. Some of our public website relies on the Google Maps v2 API. The Google Maps v2 API is deprecated, and on November 19th (that's today), it'll be switched off. So I was asked to change some stuff over to v3. A while ago, actually, but things got missed and variuous things got in the way and anyway shut up. Besides, this should be simple enough. You'd think. It so happens that my predecessor wrote his own wrapper around the v2 API. Which should be good. That means I only have to edit the...

I joined a cult

I really did. I got given a coffee machine. And now I'm a member of the Nespresso Club. Or something I'm scared. Help me.

Last night I dreamt...

.. something slightly weird. Which is not, of course, to say that most dreams aren't weird. But still. In this dream, I went to visit Google Australia, who'd just moved into a new premises. For some reason, the building was Market City - aka Paddy's Market - in Haymarket, Sydney. I went in the company of Dave The Happy Singer, his partner Jasmine, and a couple of colleagues from my current job. After some faffing around with security clearances and so on, during which Dave committed the faux pas of spilling his coffee into an important -...

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