May 2012 Blog Posts

Because Biology (a play in two acts)

ACT ONE: The Problem The scene: The war room of the Australian Religio-Social Ethics (Heterosexuals Only, Lesbians Excluded) Society. A large, windowless vault, in which a large boardroom table stands, lit harshly from above. Nearby is a large buffet table, laden with the fruits of a lavish lifestyle. A large, somewhat homoerotic ice sculpture of St Sebastian Pierced By The Arrows is slowly melting into a pool in the centre of the table, slightly waterlogging the caviar bowls. A number of dark-suited functionaries stand discreetly in the shadows. Around the boardroom table, dressed smartly in suits and robes of office, are seated The Religious Spokesmen. One is in the robes of...

Why you should always follow your dreams

The MTB Report 6 May 2012

shambolic  (ʃæmˈbɒlɪk) — adj informal  completely disorganized; chaotic That's the word I'd use to describe yesterday's attempt at a 50km circuit of Kangara-Boyd National Park by myself, James Taylor and Dave The Happy Singer. Getting in what we thought was an early start, we decided to take my car, a small car, out to the trail rather than convoying. So we loaded three bikes onto the rack and started out. Breakfast in Blackheath was grabbed, laughs were had at adverts for a "Homeopathic First Aid" course, and soon we were driving down Victoria Pass towards Jenolan Caves Road, all ready to do a first recce...

The Social Sociopath

This little tweet popped up in one of my tweetdeck columns related to the ongoing Stop The AVN campaign. There are several problems with this. For one thing, Meryl Dorey herself ignores the harm caused by infectious disease and denies that those children hurt could have been saved by science-based medicine, instead callously claiming that diseases such as whooping cough are trivial, treatable with witchcraft and probably not even real, what with all that talk of germs and all. Germ theory is bunk, apparently. Aside from all that, though, the immediate, glaring problem I had was "what the fuck is a social sociopath?" So I asked....

Why Iran must curb its nuclear ambitions

Yes, a rare political post from me, but on a topic which really bears examination. As we all know, Iran's nuclear programme has been a cause of international concern for a number of years now. There are fears among Western powers that Iran's nuclear programme may bring to fruition several serious concerns Attainment of nuclear weaponry, thus tipping the balance of military power in the region Possiblity of nuclear acccidents due an unstable government's inability to properly maintain facilities Possiblity of sabotage due to the volatile political situation in the area ...

Meryl is getting confused

Poor dear. Maybe it's time her family arranged some sheltered accomodation for the old duck. I mean, her brain's just not what it once was. She might need looking after. Here's a little conversation that popped up in my timeline today: "Odd", thought I, "I don't recall talking to that account recently. That's a particularly thick example of Dorey's tame trolls, and I don't generally respond to them unless I'm drunk or particularly annoyed." Admittedly, I'm drunk and annoyed a lot, but it just doesn't stack up. So I had a little dig around to figure out what this could mean. It turns out that indeed, no, I haven't...

Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network
Say NO to the National School Chaplaincy Program