March 2010 Blog Posts

What? No Fucktards?

Apparently, someone's been searching Skepticator for the word "fucktards". No results were found. Well, says I, why not rectify that? The following people have been alleged to be fucktards Dr Joseph Mercola Mike Adams Meryl Dorey DrNancyMalik Dana Ullman Each and every one a fucktard. Additions to this list can be sent to me in the usual way, or added to the comments below.

Monday Musical Madness returns with.... ME!

Yep, I'm the new hotness for Monday Musical Madness, unashamedly placing myself among the ranks of previous greats such as Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits and Focus. OK, so I'm not that good, but I have a new Half Man Half Biscuit vid recorded last night at about 1am. It's "Outbreak of Vitas Gerulaitas", which I think was the first song I ever saw HMHB play live (Oct or Nov '99 at the Mean Fiddler in Harlesden). I accousticised it a bit, since it's just me and a guitar, and I'm sort of pleased with the result, even if the vocal is a...

Cyrus Brooks feeds cake to "neo-nazis"

Cyrus Brooks, high muck-a-muck vice-president of Australian Scientology, called in to Stilgherrian's Patch Monday a few weeks ago. He had some interesting things to say about Anonymous, including the titbit that, apparently, Anonymous protestors against Scientology are evil, terrifying, psychopathic "neo-nazis" Here's a picture of Cyrus feeding delicious cake to these neo-nazis he claims to be so terrified of.  (pic from Zhent's flickr channel) Cyrus, if these people are evil neo-nazi scumbags, what are you doing feeding them cake?

Improvements to Skepticator

When last I posted about Skepticator, it was a raw, fresh-faced little website with a few command-line apps behind it drawing content. It had something like 64 feeds aggregated, and was ticking along slowly with about 1000 posts to look through. But there was no easy way to actually dig for content. It was a very linear experience, and if you wanted just the latest Skeptical commentary, that was fine. But that's not why I started it. So, since I last posted, I've been working away like mad to make Skepticator much, much cooler.  - Warning: Massive techy nerdy geek-out follows. If you're not...

Esprit d'Escalier and ECREE

I was hanging out on a christian facebook group last night, as you do. The discussion got round to standards of evidence, and "how come you demand strong evidence for the existence of a god when one of your mates could just tell you something and you'd accept it".   The accepted course of action at this point is to raise "Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence", or ECREE, and I usually do this along the following lines, though this time, I added a flourish I hadn't added before (in italics):   Look, if a friend called me and said he'd seen a three legged...

A win for skepticism - #VoteRachie

Yes, the campaign to get Dr Rachael Dunlop to the top of the Shorty Awards has borne fruit  

Take your clothes off when you dance

I feel I may need a new category for "ukulele" soon. Diverging from my normal musical fare of Half Man half Biscuit covers, here's a little something from one of the 20th Century's greatest composers, Frank Zappa. No, seriously. OK, so it's not one of his sprawling catalogue of complex post-jazz and synclavier-classical pieces, but it's still a Zappa song, and one eminently suited to the little 4-stringed soprano ukulele. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, from "We're only in it for the money". If you really want the feeling of a master arranger rather than a comedy songwriter, there's...

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