So what's going on in drunkenland?

There's been a lack of updates here other than superficial YouTube type posts. While this may be what the public is coming to expect, that's not necessarily why this blog is here. So here's the boring-as-batshit diary post.

I've settled into the new role at work OK - my caseload is higher than it used to be, but that's to be expected given the role I moved to. Personal time has been sorely lacking - I haven't even been able to fire up the Halo 3 beta on XBox 360 yet. Last night was the first chance I've had to pick up my guitars and actually plug them in for a few months, so I sat down and learned the melody line for "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance" and the backing progression to "Watermelon in Easter Hay" by Frank Zappa (having been in a serious Zappa phase for the last few weeks). Tonight, if time is spare, I'll have a crack at a few more things and see if I can shake the rust out of my fingers. I'm too rusty to get more than a couple of bars into "Donna Lee" at the moment, so it'd be nice to get some dexterity back.

Climbing at the weekend was severely restricted. Rain on friday meant Saturday was possibly going to be wet, so Viv and I headed to SICG, where we tried out the new section and found it to be injuriously friction-filled, as well as being fun. Sunday was a write-off climbing-wise, but I got to hang out in Leichhardt and read a book over a couple of beers. Relaxing it was. Productive, less so.

And lastly, a minor mechanical problem with the car - Power steering pumps don't like running with no fluid. Monday morning saw me dropping it to the garage to have the seals checked, and now it's going OK. Why did I buy a Disco again? Oh, that's right - because it's bloody brilliant, despite the reputation for unreliability.

More follows when I find some more of that mythical beast, free time.

posted @ Wednesday, May 23, 2007 1:03 PM

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