Medical Science will save your ass...

... and god will do fuck all

That is the inevitable conclusion I am forced to draw from reality as it manifests itself.

Anyway, let's just update on where I'm at right now. After a minor explosion in blogging over recent times, when I looked like I may actually establish myself as a regular blogger once more, I've had another outage.

This one is not because I'm a lazy asshole.

No, this one is because my girlfriend of several years, Esther, has been in intensive care with severe respiratory problems for the last few days. Make no mistake about this: it was severe, life-threatening, and incredibly non-trivial, but thanks to her own toughness supported by the truly awesome work of the doctors, nurses and support staff of St Vincent's Hospital in Paddington, Sydney, she is recovering rapidly. I use the word awesome here in its original sense: I am truly in awe of the work these people do.

Which brings me sharply to the point of why I am posting. And the point is this:

Medical Science is fucking incredible, and in fact may be our greatest achievement as a species

There are no two ways about it. We as humans are conquering death and illness every fucking day of our lives. People who would have been dead as a fucking doornail a scant few years ago are today surviving thanks to medical science. These are ilnesses that just yesterday killed people easily, quickly, and with no fucking mercy whatsoever.

And still some people want to forgo all that and ask god to cure their sickness.

Guess what? Those people die

Fuck them

Still others want to stymie medical research that could save countless more because they interpret some bronze-age text in a different way to the people next door

Fuck them too.

I will continue to loudly and openly champion science against these dark-age throwbacks

We're not there yet. The hospital which is so ably saving Esther's life is named for a christian saint. The walls are festooned with religious paraphernalia, and much of the lobby area is given over to a chapel which would be better put to medical use. This is a hangover from the times when the Church had more money and power than they knew what to do with, and assumed a role in the care of the sick not just as a charitable act, but as a PR tool and recruitment centre.

Slowly but surely this will go away

Besides, this dos not detract from the fact that god has not healed a single person who came through those doors. Not one person has been cured by the holy ghost. Every single person that this hospital has saved has been saved by the hard work of thousands of people going back over hundreds of years, people who strove hard to banish the darkness of disease and injury.

I salute these people, with every fibre of my being


posted @ Saturday, January 10, 2009 9:12 PM


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you are a deadshit and shall be smitten!

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Left by Jason at 1/23/2009 9:22 PM
Hmm. Interesting

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