Cerberus Lives!

I have truly epic insomnia, so in a continuing series on ontological proofs, I present proof positive of the existence of Cerberus, monstrous three-headed hound of Hades

1. Cerberus is the most terrifying dog we can imagine
2. Hell-Hounds that exist are waaaaay more scary than ones that don't.
3. Therefore; Cerberus exists

And he's going to eat your face off if you keep trying to claim ontological arguments hold any water at all. Remember this, dear readers.

Also, new comment policy. If you can't fit it into one comment, either revise it or post a link to your own blog, where you can write essays and ramble for as long as you fucking like. Long tl;dr posts spanning multiple comments risk the spamhammer. You can all thank David Gawthorne for this announcement.


posted @ Wednesday, February 4, 2009 3:31 AM

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