And the Best Comment Gold Medal goes to....

The following piece of truly stellar logic from "rational" on Bernadette McMenamin's Australian IT pro-CleanFeed piece

Apparently 674 of the URLs currently on the ACMA blacklist contain child pornography material.

On July 25, 2008, Google software engineers Jesse Alpert and Nissan Hajaj announced that Google Search had discovered one trillion unique URLs. (

So, the government wants to spend tens of millions of dollars to protect us from 0.0000000674% of the internet.

[emphasis mine]

Bravo, dear sir. Fucking Bravo. You win today's Comment Gold. The rest of the comment, and many other solid gold items, can be viewed at the link above

posted @ Friday, February 6, 2009 2:06 PM


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# re: And the Best Comment Gold Medal goes to....

Left by Spong at 2/8/2009 3:30 PM
Hmm. I'd be careful with the arguments I use against this one, though, because as all politicans know - if you can prove *any one premise* of the opposing party's vast panoply of arguments to be false, their whole argument is then obviously false.

In this instance, I'm worried that there are 674 *domains* on the child porn blacklist, and that it isn't an apples comparison for that reason. it might even be several orders of magnitude wrong, which is obviously still relatively insignificant.

The issue then becomes that if someone is actively seeking a certain type of information, 674 might be a reasonably large chunk (for example, a search for 'underage plushie porn' might actually end up being a subset of those sites). (by the way, do let me know whether there are any hits from google on that phrase- you might make the blocklist!)

# re: And the Best Comment Gold Medal goes to....

Left by Jason at 2/8/2009 10:53 PM
Re: Spong,

as I understood it, and I will go and check this, the blacklist is URLs not domains(?). Then again, I know of at least one site that's entirely blacklisted and contains way over 674 pages, so perhaps you're right.

I could be thinking of proposed cleanfeed tech rather than ACMA blacklist though (?). Or the (optional) filter I know of may not actually adhere to the ACMA list?

Fuck, I need to check this out. Still, good comment, eh?
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