Victorian Government drags feet on funding atheists, bends over backwards for religions

As some of you rabble may be aware, next year sees the "Rise Of Atheism" convention in Melbourne, Australia. This is a global-level convention featuring the likes of Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers as speakers, and is expected to see thousands of non-believers descend on Melbourne in a godless frenzy of spending and debauchery*.

The AFA, not unexpectedly, has applied to the Victorian Government for funding assistance, and seeing as this event will be bringing a significant amount of dollars to Melbourne, some response was expected.

Nothing so far but the chirping of crickets

Meanwhile, Melbourne is hosting something called "The World Parliament Of Religions", which the Victorian Government immediately fuinded to the tune of several million dollars.

Situation normal, then.

Well, we're not happy about it, as you may expect, and a call has gone out to heathens everywhere to apply some grassroots pressure to Spring Street and get something moving on this. First port of call, the Facebook group.

And if that doesn't work, maybe we can get the 1806 Cocktail Bar to fund us, based on the amount of money I'll be spending there

*may only apply to the subset of non-believers directly surrounding, oh, let's say... ME
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