Your Daily Dose of AVN failure

Silence about vaccine deaths in the media is due to the confidential contracts with vaccine manufacturers. apparently.

 The link Meryl has tweeted comes from the conspiracy website It speculates about commercial-in-confidence agreements signed with vaccine manufacturers, something that's done to provide governments  maximum information with minimum commercial exposure. It's not, in principle, unlike an NDA between say, a software company and their developer partners. I've signed a lot of those. They're normal procedure.

Of course, to the National Expectorator, this means they're secret contracts to cover up vaccine deaths. No kidding.

As a taste of their usual menu of paranoia, their top story at the present time is:

"False Flag Cyber Attack Could Takedown The Internet

Billion dollar cybersecurity industry at the forefront of ‘Top Secret America’ complexPrison Planet - An increasing clamour to restrict and control the internet on behalf of the government, the ..."

No, seriously. It's a syndicated article from, the very nadir of conspiracy bollocks on the internet. The crux of the article is, apparently, that there'll be a "cyber 9/11" engineered by the government in order to restrict internet freedom of speechohnoesnottehinternets!!

Honestly. I haven't included a link, because it's just that crazy. And it's not even their most crazy story. It's just the top one right now. The nationalexpositor appears to syndicate content with PrisonPlanet, Infowars and several other dens of slavering paranoid conspiracy boner merchants. It's quite the little conspiracy hub

And to add the cherry to the delicious cake, here's a quote from Meryl Dorey a while back

"While we are already seen as rabid, idiotic fringe-dwellers by so many in the mainstream, it does our argument no good at all to bring in conspiracy theories which, though we may subscribe to them, are unprovable."

Meryl, you're doing your argument no good at all

posted @ Friday, July 23, 2010 11:00 AM


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# re: Your Daily Dose of AVN failure

Left by Sean the Blogonaut at 7/23/2010 6:33 PM
They don't need a cyber 9/11, just send them conroy. :)
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