Australian Vaccination Network: Still cyberstalkin'


Not for the first time, supporters of the Australian Vaccination Network are off on a cyberstalking campaign. The image above is of a Facebook sockpuppet account, intended to be in the name of a Stop the AVN member's wife, publicising a private FB group intended to share sooper-sekrit "information" gathered on members of Stop The AVN. They googled up the wrong person, though. Ooops.

The group in question "The Who's Who of Stop the AVN" is, I believe, the third or fourth incarnation of "Stop The AVN Exposed", a private facebook group for acolytes of the Cult of Meryl, in which they share what little they've managed to google up about members of Stop The AVN. This, I assume, is where George Mamouzellos picked up the snippets of incorrect info used in my previous blog post. The group has been closed down by Facebook on several occasions and mercilessly lampooned by Stop The AVN - which may go some way towards explaining the name change.

There are, of course, laws against this kind of cyberstalking with pretty stiff penalties. I, for one, don't intend to take any action at this point - the AVN's bumbling idiocy is more comedic than threatening - but I do think the public ought to know more about what the AVN's supporters will stoop to in pursuit of their bizarre ideological aims. Others may, of course, take action as they will.

I just have to wonder what exactly they think they're achieving?

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