It's that time again

Yes, it's that time when I roll up my sleeves, get a grip on myself and quit smoking. Again.

I'm becoming something of a veteran at this. I started as a 15 year old, stopped in my later teens, restarted in my early twenties, quit in my mid twenties, started again in my late twenties, quit in my early thirties, started again a year or so ago and now I'm back to quitting. Again.

Of course, this time I haven't had a run-up. I had my last cigarette on Thursday and kinda decided then not to buy more. Normally, I quit on a saturday or sunday morning, having deliberately used the previous night to prepare a mind-shattering hangover, thus destroying any desire to smoke for a couple of days afterwards. If it's a really really big hangover, it'll get me through the legendary third-day barrier.

No such preparation this time. I started unhungover and unready. And now I'm going mildly nuts.

But I figure if I blog this, then I've got no excuse. If I cave, the post will be used against me.

Heh. Cessation by blog. I like it.

posted @ Tuesday, September 14, 2010 10:39 AM


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# re: It's that time again

Left by Dave The Happy Singer at 9/14/2010 2:13 PM
Hang in there. I'm on week 17 without a single drag after going cold turkey. For a couple of months now I very rarely even think about smoking.

I told myself I'd allow myself any treats I fancied (toys, noms, candy, whatever), as long as I didn't put a cigarette anywhere near my lips.

Remember how many hours and days you've already achieved and how crap it would be to reset that to zero.

It's not nice at all for a few weeks, but within a couple of months it will seem a trivial investment in retrospect.

If all else fails, be rational. Quitting is a no-brainer, nomatter how pleasant smoking may have been.

Stay out of the treehouse for a couple of weeks, too!

# re: It's that time again

Left by A Well-Known Native American at 9/19/2010 1:13 AM
Been building up to quitting again myself. Sure, I don't have the veterancy (now a word) [read: age... :P] of you and the happy one, but I've quit more times than I'd like to be remembering. Going for it one more time. Some time soon. Or soonish.

See? This is why I'm bad at this!

# re: It's that time again

Left by Byatch at 11/8/2010 5:09 PM
I hope you have stuck to it, and are still smoke-free.

A good mate of mine was a reasonably heavy smoker, maybe 2 pack/week. He found a motorcycle that he dearly wanted, and rationalised that by not smoking, his savings would cover the repayments on his loan.
Next thing I know, he's quit and hasn't touched the smokes for 2+ years now. Gotta say I'm pretty proud of him, as I am of anyone I know who quits ans stays quit.
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