I Say "No" To Chaplains

Say NO to the National School Chaplaincy Program

Well, of course I do. The banner at the top of this blog, of course, says "Atheist". You'd think I would.

However, there are very good reasons why you should be against the national school chaplains program even if you're a believer, and explaining this is part of the purpose of a new website launched tonight by my good friend Dave The Happy Singer, who's been beavering away behind the scenes with a small group of smart, dedicated folks. And me.

No To Chaplains starts with ten simple and very good reasons why the NSCP is a bad idea, none of which you'll notice, is "there's no god so teaching kids about it is spreading a lie". While that may be on my list, it's not an appropriate secular response, and that secular principle is the ground on which this issue should be fought.

The secular principle of fair and equal treatment for all dictates that no particular religious viewpoint should have a special privilege. None. The NSCP clearly violates this spirit, and should therefore be stopped.

I have no problem with a private school run on religious principles employing chaplains at their own private expense, but to have a secular government paying for sectarian chaplains, from public funds, to be placed in public institutions is an embarrassment to a country that waves the flag of multiculturalism so vociferously.

Stop the chaplains NOW.

posted @ Monday, April 11, 2011 12:04 AM


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# re: I Say "No" To Chaplains

Left by Dan Adcock at 4/11/2011 12:45 PM
I went to an Anglican school near the Adelaide CBD. The school has sitting on its board the Anglican Bishop for Adelade. We had a school Chaplain. We also had a qualified student counselor. The school chaplain was BOUND to direct all non-spiritual inquiries for guidance to the counselor. If an obviously religious school has the sense to employ a proper counselor, why doesn't the Australian Government?

Incidentally, a religious education is what drove me to Atheism. Ironic huh?

# re: I Say "No" To Chaplains

Left by RipleyP at 4/11/2011 5:20 PM
Ohh I wat a blog just so I can put the sticker on it. Am wondering if the chaplian I have by accident as a friend on my facebook will finally defriend me after I liked NTC,
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