On the impending collapse of the Aussie brewing industry

Yes, it's official. I'm doing Dry July


Yes, I am. I'm spending a month (minus a possible golden ticket occasion) without alcohol intake, in order to do several things

  • Give my liver some breathing room
  • Have a bit of a personal challenge
  • Get on my bike for stress relief instead of cracking a beer
  • Spend some extra evenings hacking code for some upcoming projects
  • Raise money for cancer centres in Australia

These are all pretty good reasons. As most of my readers will know, and as casual visitors can infer from the blog's title, my intake is well above average, and none of us are getting any younger. It's also a damn good cause to which you should give money anyway, even if I'm not going all temperance league on your asses.

In Vino Veritas will continue as normal. Well, perhaps not entirely normal, but what's "normal" anyway? This blog will also continue as normal, though my rantiness may be modulated one way or another depending on how well/badly I take the withdrawal of my favourite tipples.

Of course, as a friend on Twitter has noted, this is likely to be followed up by "Assholed August" and "Sloshed September", so give Dry July some money now and buy me a beer later.


UPDATE: M'colleague Dave The Happy Singer has launched a smear campaign implying, nay, STATING OUTRIGHT, that I shall be abusing the Golden Ticket scheme for my own nefarious ends. While this may be true in a strictly literal sense, I think you'll find it's entirely untrue in a post-modernist nothing-is-provable kind of please-punch-me-in-the-face kind of way.

So donate money to my page, DO IT NOW!

posted @ Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:52 PM


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# re: On the impending collapse of the Aussie brewing industry

Left by Dan at 10/22/2011 10:40 PM
I remember I once went a whole day without a drink. It was horrible.
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