My Word: They Might Be Giants edition

"It's a great idea, said The Chairman as Bob finished his presentation. "I like it"
"Yes!" his Executive Marketing Manager concurred. "These dehydrated beef products should be a great sales success, as long as you can perfect the manufacturing process". Bob smiled
Meeting concluded, Bob left the boardroom and returned to his laboratory, where, yet again, he found on his desk a note from one of his researchers. The note read:
Melinda and I are running away to get married. I'm sure you'll understand. We're in love, and we have to follow our hearts
Thank you so much for the research opportunities. I'm sure any day now you'll make a breakthrough with the just-add-water steakettes
Oxtail-in-seconds research group
Bob sighed. More researchers leaving. The lab must be some kind of romance factory. In the past year of development work, great product ideas from bolognese-in-a-flash to quickly-con-carne had been stymied by researchers getting all dewy-eyed and nipping off to Gretna Green.
Keying up his computer, Bob logged in to the recruitment database for the fourth time in a month, only to be interrupted by an email
I know it's crazy, but we've fallen for each other. We're leaving, don't try and stop us. By the time you get this email we'll be married, and hang the consequences!
EZ-Beef Wellington research group
ANOTHER ONE? That must make it thirty or more researchers. Bob was beginning to reach the end of his tether. His dream of a comprehensive range of convenient, instant beef products looked to be in tatters. Just then, Paul from the Angus-No-Fuss lab walked into the room, and began "Bob, I'm leaving. Hazel and I are fleeing to Sardinia to be married..."
"STOP!! I've had enough!" Yelled Bob.
"My dream is in tatters. Try as I might, I can't develop a just-add-water beef product to market readiness, because all my researchers keep running away like starcrossed teenagers. I WANT INSTANT BULL, NOT CONSTANT ELOPEMENT!!"
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