A sense of entitlement

Quoth the Dorey:

Let's leave aside the (somewhat disrespectful) red herring of "anti-choicers" for a moment, and examine the rest of this absurd tweet.

In Australia, there is an entitlement meant to encourage vaccination, which was recently revised. You are only entitled to this if you completely vaccinate, or have a valid reason that excludes you from vaccinating.

Do you get this, Meryl? It is an incentive to vaccinate.

Therefore you're only entitled to it if you vaccinate.

Imagine for a moment, a government incentive to insulate your property. A fine idea, and one which benefits everyone (except perhaps the power companies) in these environmentally conscious times.

Should you be entitled to receive the insulation incentive if you don't insulate?

Should you Meryl?

Come on Meryl, should you be entitled to receive an isulation incentive if you don't insulate?

And if so, what the fuck is the point of the incentive in the first place? You don't have to be an economist to realise that offering an incentive - in order to to encourage people to take action - is useless if you do not make the incentive contingent upon that action. If you arrived in economics 101 without having an inkling of this, you'd be laughed out of the opening lecture.

Are you really this stupid, Dorey? Are you really?

To Meryl Dorey, 'irony' means 'a bit like an iron'

I'll just leave this here

Nice work Ed


It's like Meryl's decided she wants to do our job for us, it really is.

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