A case study in idiocy

Should more proof be needed that supporters of the Australian Vaccination Network are morons, I present the following screenshot, in the comments of Meryl Dorey's absurd idiot-stroking blog post in response to Mia Freedman:

Yep, Nathan really seems to think that it's somehow surprising that a newspaper may publish pieces which come from different perspectives. In NathanWorld, newspapers are monolithic entities, written by drones in lockstep, whose every word is attuned to a pre-determined ideological slant.

It never crosses his mind* that

A: The articles do not actually support an antivax viewpoint, but highlight the safety concerns and problems inevitably raised in a system that actually works (though not, obviously, without error. I dare you to find a human-designed system which is error-free)


B: Newspapers sometimes post opinions which may actually differ from previously posted opinions. Hell, some papers publish opinon pieces which differ from reality. Every single paper that has a "religion" section, for instance. However, I digress.

Of course, my response comment has Buckley's chance of actually being published, because that would damage free speech, or something. After all, as a personality connected with Stop The AVN, I'm obviously out to quash free expression and conspire to destroy innocent grassroots volunteer-run safety watchdogs. Right?

Oh yeah. That.


* I use the word with some misgivings

posted @ Tuesday, March 20, 2012 2:17 PM


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