The MTB report 19 Aug 2012

This weekend was an unusual one. Esther has been away in hospital for a few weeks, and on Saturday she was given an overnight pass to come home and do a trial-run before being released back into the wild. So while I initially planned to do a long ride on Saturday, I ended up skipping it in favour of some domestic chores followed by the hospital run. And Sunday was of course out.

But Esther was due back at the physical rehab centre at 7pm on Sunday. So....


My initial plan was to go check out Loftus Oval, but as usual, when I drive into the Shire I get distracted by the imminent arrival of the Nazgul, and I missed the turning. Well, instead of turning round, or rejoining the trail via Bertram Stevens Drive I figured I'd head down the hill and do a fast run out along Lady Carrington Drive in the Royal National Park instead.

As it turns out, this was a great idea. Lady Carrington Drive is undulating and smooth doubletrack, with no severe climbs - ideally suited to a fast night ride. Here's the BikeBrain trace of my run. And here's a Strava Challenge on the return run, on which my run came 5th overall.

Of course, being a night ride, I can't tell you all that much about the track. Here, for example, is a picture:


And here is my rating of the track out of ten

  • The scenery: leaves flashing past in the light beam. 1/10
  • The track: Undulating, quick. No major climbs. No hard corners. Ideal for a fast ride or a run for beginners. 5/10
  • Wildlife: There must be some, because I heard it. Oh wait, yes. There are deer. I was put in mind of this video, though obviously it was less scenic
    Also, there was a possum. 1/10
  • Accessibility: Quite easy. Drive South along the Princes Highway until you miss the turning into Loftus Oval. Turn left at the big sign for the Royal National Park, and drive down until you get to the causeway. There's a right turn into a car park shortly after. Park here. Don't park in the car park, the Security guys will close it at around 9:00pm 7/10

So there we go. That was my MTB for the weekend. Now I'm off to eat pork and drink cider, unencumbered by the guilt of not having ridden anywhere.

posted @ Sunday, August 19, 2012 10:53 PM

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