Lily Phénomène has comment regret

A while ago, I posted this little note about chiropractic, and one of its heroic defenders.

Lily, apparently, doesn't like that I posted it. She sent me a Facebook message.

Well, Lily, since you blocked my Facebook account I can't reply to you privately, so I'll have to put the answer here instead.


What you posted is a matter of public record. It's on a publically-accessible Facebook page. It's a fact that you said it, and I don't much care that you now have comment regret.

You know what the solution is for the problem of people reporting the stupid things you say on the internet? Don't say stupid things on the internet. Cry cyberbully if you like, you'd be in illustrious company. It remains a fact that you said it, and you said it on a public page.

You're welcome


p.s. Lily also posted a comment here, on a totally unrelated blog post. Yeah, smart cookie, that one.

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