Nice to see Mark joining me on planet foam-at-mouth

Mark has posted a well argued and only mildly spittle-flecked indictment of Gillette Inc. over at his once biztalk-flavoured blog.

He has a point, and it's nice to see someone else joining me up here where the heads are clear and the rants flow freely in the afternoon breeze. What the fuck is the deal with Gillette (and Schick) and their constant pissing around with a product that reached a pinnacle of perfection a number of years ago.

It really is an example of where the curve has flattened. There's not a lot they can do to make the product any better*, so they're attempting to create an impression of 'better' with marketing fluff and big-dick imagery.

And people are falling for it.

This is why you'll find my chin liberally covered in a carpet of, to put a not-too-fine point on it, Wookee fur. And also why I don't watch commercial TV. Or shop at Westfield. The Unabomber look is back in folks. Throw away your razors and join us in beardy-land where the chins are warm and toasty.

* hint: reduce the fucking price when you sack the marketing bots.


posted @ Tuesday, October 16, 2007 3:53 PM

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