Critical Mass Podcast #3 is online

Produced by... oh, you know, some genius editing and production dude, with support from Ian Woolf*. This represents the first complete release from Flightpath Studios, even though it was emphatically not recorded here (we tried it. It was problematic. Think about the name "flightpath")

I also talk on it, a bit, though having to share a mic and being my first podcast, I did stay to the background a little. Wait till next time though. Also, my news item: Serious Business.

Features, our friends: Ian Woolf, Alan Conradi, Dave The Happy Singer, Anthony Englund and myself.

Published via here.

* truth be told, Ian was entirely responsible for the high quality of the master I worked from, so my task was very much "offline editor". Kudos to all involved, though.

Monday Musical Madness: On death and thereafter

Oh, @the_chasers, you're made of pure win!

Oh, the beeped word is CUNTS, in case you couldn't figure it.

Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network
Say NO to the National School Chaplaincy Program