Aretha Franklin dismembering Sarah Brightman with a chainsaw

Yep, that's how I described the tone of my new guitar last night:

Epiphone SG

She's an Epiphone G400 SG, bought on a surprise budget spike. It's been some time since I last added a guitar to my collection, and this one is a goody. Two big humbuckers sitting at neck and bridge give it far more power and versatility than my previous electric, the also-pictured Squier Telecaster, which was bought, again, on more-or-less a whim when helping Chris choose a guitar.

I've had it since yesterday lunchtime, so haven't racked up a lot of playtime yet, but I have so far found it to be very playable, being slightly wider on the fretboard than the Tele (good for my big bass-player fingers) and with a nicer action. It likes pick playing, which will entail a slight change of style for me (I generally hand-strum, fingernails down, thumbnail up), but hey, I always carry a pick.

One downside: it's light-bodied and neck-heavy, so it won't sit on its strap in-balance like my Stingray or Jazz would. This again means a slight change in playing style, though I think if I get a nice thick leather strap for it, it'll slip less readily. It also sits more snugly into the body, with a narrower profile, so it sits lower when being played seated. These things, though, are minor.

Cosmetically speaking, it's the best looking guitar I've ever bought. This is not a statement I issue lightly. I think my two main basses are classically beautiful, but this is aesthetically superior in a very different way. The cherry finish is, also, the classic SG look. I like.

Now, I just need a fat strap and a hardcase and it's ready to go.

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