Wow, a rare technical blog entry

My current mobile phone is the Motorola Q9H, a nice little telephone with a full qwerty keyboard, a slimline back-pocket design and a decent, kinda-reliable feel. It does most things I need, such as Audio-over-bluetooth, mass storage driver, charge from USB, mobile internet and ActiveSync, and has a decent battery life.

One thing it couldn't do, though, is tethering.

Telstra's standard WinMo build for the Q9h does not include Internet Connection Sharing, and Telstra also don't publish details of how to configure the phone, and I haven't been able to flash it with a new build and still have all the other features I want working. So no plugging it into my laptop and using it as a high-speed wireless modem.

Until today, when I stumbled upon this entry on Chris Mohan's blog.

Turns out you just need some modem initialisation commands and a quick dial-up networking connection, and you're away. In case Chris's blog vanishes, the modem initialisation string is:


and the dial-up access number is *99#

Epic win!

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