What could be better than being loved by god?

This is a paraphrase* of a post I came across today on Facebook.

If I may, I'd like to address it.

So, again: What could be better than being loved by god?

Well, for one, having a biscuit.

Mmmmm. Hob Nobs. I like hob nobs. A lot.

Having a biscuit is certainly better than being loved by a god.

For one thing, you've got a biscuit. 

Secondly, you can verify the existence of the biscuit. You can examine the biscuit with your senses, and tell that it's really there. You can touch it, see it, smell it, feel its texture and, ultimately, taste it.

Yes, you can eat the biscuit. You can dunk the biscuit in your tea and then eat it, if you like. There is even the promise of more biscuits after you've eaten that biscuit, since we know from experience that biscuits generally travel in herds. Even better, you can invite a friend to partake of biscuits with you, and no matter what that person thinks about gods, they'll have a biscuit too. If you're lucky. They might not like biscuits, and then you, yes, lucky you, will have the option of eating their biscuit. Mmmmm. Biscuit.

And having a biscuit is just one of the many things that are better than the purported love of a being that cannot be demonstrated to exist.

 Even, and I do not say this lightly... even if it's a plain digestive biscuit.

These are biscuits, but only just.



* the original was phrased as a statement:

"Knowing God is d best thing that can happen 2 anyone"

But I figured that was not only barely literate but better addressed as a question.

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