Is Meryl Dorey Anti-vaccination?

As regular readers will know, my focus right now is on the Australian Vaccination Network, an anti-vaccination group from Northern NSW whose president, Meryl Dorey, consistently claims that she is not anti-vaccination, but is merely pro-choice.

Well, courtesy of a friend of mine on the Stop The AVN Facebook Group, here's something to chew over

posted @ Monday, August 2, 2010 7:39 PM


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# re: Is Meryl Dorey Anti-vaccination?

Left by DrRachie at 8/2/2010 7:48 PM
She's probably just trying to get the other side of the story. C'mon. Just as she is for AIDS denial.

# re: Is Meryl Dorey Anti-vaccination?

Left by ausduck at 8/2/2010 8:05 PM
Did is say that? I don't believe I did. Let me see...
Hypocrisy, fearmongering and lies, just another day for Meryl!

# re: Is Meryl Dorey Anti-vaccination?

Left by Jared at 8/3/2010 1:29 PM
Maybe its just to make the anti vaccination people feel comfortable and welcome. Just like the 'never inject them' t shirts.. Its not the view of the AVN, but sure, some people may want that information too, to make an informed decision

# re: Is Meryl Dorey Anti-vaccination?

Left by Jason at 8/3/2010 1:34 PM
Sure, maybe. But you don't get an informed choice from misonformation. It's the old principle of Garbage in-Garbage out.

Your data needs to be clean before you can make an informed choice on it, and the data peddled by pages like that one, as well as Meryl's page, Erwin Addled's page and countless others is just wrong.

Take a handful of diamonds and blend them with a handful of bullshit, and you get two handfuls of shitty diamonds.
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