AVN & OLGR: Meryl still in denial


 What we're looking at here is someone who's in denial*. Here's what the actual OLGR notification consists of, via the ever-useful AVN Wikipedia Article

On 4 August 2010, the OLGR announced that their audit of the AVN had "detected a number of breaches of charity fund-raising laws", including:

  • Fundraising without authority;
  • Unauthorised expenditure;
  • Failure to keep proper records of income and expenditure;
  • Possible breaches of the Charitable Trust Act, 1993, which would be referred to the Department of Justice and the Attorney General.

The AVN was given 28 days to respond to the findings. President Meryl Dorey declined to comment on the issue.[94]

 Meryl,. it's important we get something clear here.

You do not get referred to the DoJ and the AGD for mere mistakes. Minor errors do not justify a report by ABC Lateline, and minor errors do not produce press coverage like this, from the SMH.

Even after all this time, Meryl, you're lying to the public. You'd have thought all the pressure you've come under - from Stop The AVN, from the HCCC, from OLGR, from the media - would have maybe given you a hint.

 Stop playing the victim. This is your fault. You could have folded a long time ago, but you opted to go all in. It's going to go all the way, but please, at least be honest with your poor deluded followers, please?


*like we didn't know that already.

posted @ Thursday, August 5, 2010 10:29 AM

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