Channel Nine spruiks QLink

Or, at least, Today's "technology editor" Charlie Brown.

As with Stephen Fenech, I've contacted Charlie Brown via Twitter asking for justification of his sales pitch.

So far, not a peep.

I'm told that Stephen and Charlie are good buddies. Not that I want to suggest collusion, but let's face it, I'm suggesting collusion. Are you being paid for this Charlie? In cash or in kind, either way is a problem for journalistic ethics. If you're not being paid, then you're clearly too gullible to be a technology reporter. If you are being paid, then you're clearly unqualified to be a reporter of any kind.

I can't think of another reason. gullibility or cash?

I have, of course, Sidewiki'd Charlie's site.

Last for this post, Skeptics With A K episode 34 takes on a British "phone shield" product. Check out the podcast for more detail.

UPDATE 2:46pm 8/11 Charlie Brown has responded at his blog

posted @ Saturday, November 6, 2010 1:27 PM


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# re: Channel Nine spruiks QLink

Left by Davidlpf at 11/6/2010 3:55 PM
A more famous Charlie Brown has a couple of comments about this.

# re: Channel Nine spruiks QLink

Left by yin at 11/8/2010 10:11 PM
I wonder what qualifications Charlie Brown has....
Absolutely fucking laughable, that a lot of Technology Writers dont know much about what they write about. Then a scam like this comes a long and it really shows the extent of their knowledge.

overpaid gits.
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