The new voice of hardship

There are two ways the following soundbite, from the Daily Telegraph, may have unfolded:

Possibility one:

The person in question, and the journalist reporting, really seem to think that poverty is defined by the inability to afford frozen chips instead of potatoes and oysters once a month, the line being delivered by a 27-year old uggbooted, chainsmoking, holden-labelled tracksuit wearing mother of six, having been accosted in Kempsey IGA by a first-year journalism student on a torturous internship for News Ltd.

The line, for greatest effect while reading out loud, should be read in the broadest ocker you can summon, and prefixed with a solid, nasal "YEEEEEEEEAAAAAH MATE". And ended with a massive rising inflection, as though delivered as a question.

Possibility two:

Fiona Caelli is an epic troll.

Either way, I'll be complaining to this appallingly socialist radical left-wing trotskyite government forthwith, about the fact that under their immense tax burden I'm unable to afford thrice weekly Pol Roger, Truffles and Foie Gras. For my cat.

posted @ Monday, June 27, 2011 3:42 PM

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